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I was a Sari is crafted with inner karma. We like to think of it as
“a lightness of being”.

We source our raw materials in the colorful markets of Mumbai. Used saris and dead stocks become vibrant products that are sold worldwide. As a player in the circular economy since 2013, we enjoy global press coverage, awards like Eco Age’s Green Carpet and the support of luxury label Gucci.
What really fuels our business are the artisans, whose lives have been changed by our unique business model.

We see the world differently by giving people second chances. Where some see uneducated women with no skills, we see their potential to become wage earners and leaders in their community.

The women behind the brand

Our 170 artisans have not let their origins stop them.

57% never worked before
55% moved to Mumbai from rural areas
51% dropped out of school by 15 years old
36% look after 3 or more children*

Their work with us has rocketed them to new realities- winning international fashion awards, dressing global celebrities and working with top Gucci designers.

*Source: I was a Sari Impact Report 2019

Social impact
Environmental impact

Environmental impact

Since the most sustainable item is one that already exists, our fashion-forward clothing gives the earth a break. If we used virgin fabric, our carbon footprint would be off the charts. Instead, our pre-loved saris come from local markets.

We’re on a journey to ensure all components we use, from embellishments to packaging, are as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Environmental impact

The journey from I am a Sari to I was a Sari