Gucci launched Gucci Equilibrium at, a destination designed to connect people, planet and purpose. The launch is part of a 10-year plan to embed a comprehensive sustainability strategy into and around the brand, governed by a Culture of Purpose.

Gucci Equilibrium features I was a Sari, a social enterprise that perfectly encapsulates Gucci’s drive toward social empowerment and commitment to the circular economy.

Gucci is committed to transferring knowledge and left-over materials to be up-cycled by I was a Sari to produce one-off handcrafted designs.

By harnessing Gucci’s strategic expertise, creativity and reach, I was a Sari breaks new ground in the socially-driven fashion sector. In a time when everybody talks about circular economy and sustainability in fashion, it becomes a reality with this unique partnership.


Fashion in Process (FIP) is a multidisciplinary research collective at the Design Department in Politecnico di Milano. With the goal to develop knowledge and projects to support positive and sustainable evolution of fashion and creative industries, FIP joined hands with I was a Sari.

The institution played a key role in animating the first stages of the I.WAS project and designing and documenting a market-ready set of products. Under the direction of faculty members, a group of young designers developed the name and logo of the initiative, and designed the first collection. In February 2017 a second delegation of designers coordinated by FIP visited Mumbai bringing a new set of products and training the local artisans.


Community Outreach Programme (CORP), an Indian non-governmental organization (NGO), supported I was a Sari since its very beginning, acting as an incubator. It is where the first few women got involved in the project and the first collection was designed and produced. Involvement of CORP was crucial to the successful start, as it offers a safe environment to the women and understands the local community, its needs and the cultural nuances.

CORP continues to be one of the main NGO partners with three income generation centres in Mumbai being the main product units for I was a Sari. Together, we hope to touch lives for many more women and provide them with sustainable income generation opportunities, helping them become independent and confident.


I was a Sari has been fortunate to have the critical backing of many partners at various junctures. Without the support and goodwill of these friends and partners, I was a Sari would not exist today, as each has been integral to its formation, development and sustainance.