A story of collaboration, our first embroidery collection, the voice of our artisans – NOW I CAN has many facets & many meanings, each as beautiful as the other.

Since this summer, Gucci through its platform Gucci Equilibrium has supported I was a Sari. This collaboration kickstarted with Gucci’s supply chain, the embroidery houses in Mumbai – Amal Exports, Chanakya International Pvt. Ltd., Marsil Exports and Relievi India Pvt Ltd. coming together to teach the skill of hand embroidery to our women artisans. Professional training was imparted by the most skilled karigars, thanks to the collaboration & the women learned the intricate art of hand embroidery.

NOW I CAN is aptly the name of our first embroidery collection, as with this skill comes many more opportunities and explorations for I was a Sari artisans.

NOW I CAN is the voice of our artisans, sharing their stories, the positive changes in their lives, once they start earning a livelihood, when they learn new skills and when they become financially independent.

NOW I CAN have a life away from home.

“I come here and forget all my worries,” says Rubina, mother of two daughters for whom this is the first job and a flavor of a “workspace”.

“For the first time, I have made friends, with whom I can have some fun and also share my worries. I am also influencing other women in my family & community – a couple of my friends and relatives are now “allowed” to work as I do!.”

From taking their first vacation ever to financing their higher studies, the possibilities for these women are endless, but just starting to take shape.

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