Why is Women’s Day just once a year?

Why is Women’s Day just once a year?

At I was a Sari, every single day is International Women’s Day.

One of the key aspects of our circular business model lies in our commitment to community and empowering local women who hail from underprivileged backgrounds, by offering them secure, enduring employment.

March shines the light on the challenges faced by women worldwide, and gives us a chance to tell the story of our 170 artisans, who have not let their origins stop them.
Some key facts:
60% never worked before,
55% moved to Mumbai from rural areas,
51% dropped out of school by 15 years old,
36% look after three or more children.

By working with us, in a family-oriented environment where flexible hours is the norm, local women have been given a new lease on life and are building self confidence  as they become skilled craftswomen, especially in the field of embroidery, which in India, is a historically male-dominated arena. Today, our workforce is taking classes, learning key computer skills needed to succeed and even winning international fashion awards, dressing global celebrities and working with top Gucci designers.

According to our Impact Report, we have observed that women who started earning with us, have improved the lives of their family members by spending on household expenses (40%) and children’s education (22%). They have also expressed an increase in standard of living where 80% of the women now have mobile phones. Many women have started saving and investments.

As we continue our journey as a conscious, sustainable brand, we are working to expand our eco-system of like-minded partners and brands. We hope that more fashion companies will adopt our business model and continue to support women in their local communities.

We would also like to take the chance to thank the women who work for us, who are the true soul of the I was a Sari label.

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