Treat your feet to some downtime. With quilting and cushioned comfort, these laid-back quilted slippers are perfect for tucking your feet up after a long day or keeping them cozy all weekend long. Warm and cozy on the inside, plush and chic on the outside, put a fashion-forward step with these sustainable slippers crafted by female artisans in Mumbai. Available in a myriad of colors and prints.

– Made from upcycled sari in mixed fibres
– Quilting detail finished with piping
– Insole material same as upper, canvas outsole
– Foot Length(cm):26

Materials & Care: Made from pre-loved saris, the exact fabric composition is unknown. Please handle it with care for longer product life.Protect from direct light, heat and water. Should it become wet, dry immediately with a soft cloth. Clean with a soft, dry cloth or brush.

Sustainability: If we used virgin fabric and dyes our carbon footprint and water usage would be off the charts. Instead, our circular production uses pre-loved saris sourced in Mumbai markets and produced by local women.