At I was a Sari we’re working to make business more beautiful.

For our Spring 2022 collection we took a military classic which has been revamped in so many ways. And we made it ours.

The bomber jacket came straight from the cockpit. It entered our design studios in Bombay and it became bright, kind and light.


Bomber jacketBe Bright
Saris are known for their vibrant prints and bold colors. We’ve also chosen some black and white designs to suit your wardrobe. Your bomber is made of two saris- one for the outside and the other for the lining. So flip that collar up and show them both off!

Be Kind
Stand up for women and our planet by wearing your values on your sleeve. Should Fashion really hurt the Earth and workers? We say no, and we’re fighting to prove that there’s another way.

Feel Light
Saris are made from mixed fibres and have a silky hand-feel. Making them joyous and light to wear. You’ll feel extra light, with a spring in your step, as you’ve made a smart purchasing decision.

Stand up and stand out in a one of a kind print. As all of our designs are unique, you’ll never find anyone else wearing your I was a Sari. Isn’t that something?

To find out more about how you can help clean up Fashion, watch our TED TALK here.