The beauty of upcyling is how one thing transforms into another, so new yet keeping its past and stories entwined in its newness – the charm of old and new. We see it happening with our saris every day and its pure magic! 

When on a journey like this, we often serendipitously find like-minded people and organizations. And collaborations and partnerships help us explore new products and magnify our impact and learn so much more about the social and environmental aspects of the business. 

One such beautiful partner that we found this year is the Industree Foundation. 

Industree has built a beautiful ecosystem for women micro entrepreneurs. They have impacted 1,75,000 producers directly and indirectly, and the aim is to impact many more women. Industree has incubated and accelerated two profitable and globally compliant producer owned enterprises – GreenKraft and Ektha Apparel that have generated USD 5 million in cumulative revenue. Isn’t that stunning!

Industree has been working with natural fibres like the banana bark – otherwise a waste material that is mostly burnt on the fields.  Their products focus on natural fibres and organic raw material value chains, building new circular economies.

When we saw their beautiful products, we immediately wanted to explore the possibility of a capsule collection – where our preloved saris meet the natural fibres and create something unique!

As seen in image (left to right, click to shop)- Banana bark bag with sari inner lining and flower details, banana bark bag with sari inner lining.

We picked a few bags and started exploring! The intricately woven banana barks, in their natural colors with a touch of bold colors and prints from our saris, surely did make them look stunning, don’t you think? In some cases, we added more functionality – an inner lining in our pre-loved saris to the bags and bins. 

This is the first limited collection from our collaboration with Industree– our exploration and ode to the beautiful business. Hope you like the products!