Indian saris have been traditionally used to keep women cool and elegantly covered. They’re made of 5 meters of fabric and usually worn with a top. They’re not usually worn for warmth.

At I was a Sari, we’re taking the sari global, turning her into contemporary wear and accessories.

So we gave our Design Team a challenge – can a sari become winter wear?

Fighting darkness with color

Winter wear has always been a tough nut to make chic and bright. Here’s where our Design Team rose to the occasion and reimagined things.

You see, at I was a Sari we reimagine. We look at the world differently, and see the second life or potential something has to become something else.

Instead of seeing something as waste, we see the glimmer of beauty a used sari from India has. We see so much potential for it to become a new beautiful item that you will wear! And that is what upcyling is all about!

So we went to the drawing board, sketching different items- the Sari become a stole, a bomber jacket, a gilet and slippers. We padded them to add softness and warmth.

I was a Sari Winter Wear CollectionSeen here (L-R): Our Bomber jacket, Quilted short stole and Gilet (launching soon)

The stole, bomber and slippers have now made it out to the world!

I was a Sari. Now I’m making a statement.

How will you wear yours?