Two souls, one philosophy: upcycling

Two brands, the first original capsule collection

designed exclusively by 959 for I was a Sari


959, a brand that offers a collection of bags and home accessories made with upcycled seat-belts and sustainable materials, is establishing new rules of relationship with the fashion system and design supplies. A brand that is attentive to environmental issues and increasingly projected towards sustainable eco-friendly productions.

959 is a concept, a style, a project that combines design, functionality, and aesthetics through a creative and responsible philosophy – in line with the contemporary taste and the most current themes of modern living.

 The reuse of safety belts of 959 combined with that of the more traditional Indian attire, the sari, by I was a Sari has created a series of products of rare originality and elegance. It is when the two geographically distant but close realities in design philosophy met, that a new way of interpreting the bag came to life.

The juxtaposition of materials has created a union of strength and elegance, durability and delicacy, a linearity of shapes and richness of colors by bringing together the two fabrics from distant and different histories.

Through this collection the core values of the two brands are enhanced:

  • upcycle for respect of the environment,
  • reinvent to reassign a new function to the object
  • create an unmistakable style with more conscious and sustainable living

The bags of this collection not only become the expression of an aesthetic research and a fashion interpretation but also, and above all a sustainable and social choice.

The refinement of the sari rediscovers a new form, the resistance of the seat belt meets an unexpected elegance. All for a better world.

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