959 for I was a Sari

Two souls, one philosophy: upcycling Two brands, the first original capsule collection designed exclusively by 959 for I was a Sari   959, a brand that offers a collection of bags and home accessories made with upcycled seat-belts and sustainable materials, is establishing new rules of relationship with the fashion system and design supplies. A brand that is attentive to environmental issues and increasingly projected towards sustainable eco-friendly productions. 959 is a concept, a style, a project that combines design, functionality, and aesthetics through a [...]

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The genesis of I was a Sari

I was a Sari, a peculiar name for a brand, mostly pronounced with a breath of curiosity. A brand name that makes you question its existence. I was a Sari is not just one of a kind name but also, a one of a kind brand. A brand with a story. There is no dearth of ethical brands today, in fact the concept of giving back to the society is pretty ancient. And after unprecedented rise of consumerism, it is only natural to get to [...]

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