63 Sunny Tales from Lockdown

As the saying goes “we’re all in this storm together but we’re all traveling in different sized boats.” 2020 has been the year the world went into lockdown. Staying in and zooming has become the new going out. And lockdown for some of our community has been described as ‘a gift’ - a way to go deeper inside, through creativity and mindful practices. But certainly not for everyone! This is the story of what kept 63 people sane across 16 cities and widely fluctuating income [...]

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The genesis of I was a Sari

I was a Sari, a peculiar name for a brand, mostly pronounced with a breath of curiosity. A brand name that makes you question its existence. I was a Sari is not just one of a kind name but also, a one of a kind brand. A brand with a story. There is no dearth of ethical brands today, in fact the concept of giving back to the society is pretty ancient. And after unprecedented rise of consumerism, it is only natural to get to [...]

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959 for I was a Sari

Two souls, one philosophy: upcycling Two brands, the first original capsule collection designed exclusively by 959 for I was a Sari   959, a brand that offers a collection of bags and home accessories made with upcycled seat-belts and sustainable materials, is establishing new rules of relationship with the fashion system and design supplies. A brand that is attentive to environmental issues and increasingly projected towards sustainable eco-friendly productions. 959 is a concept, a style, a project that combines design, functionality, and aesthetics through a [...]

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I was a Sari’s new collection goes to the Fourth UN Environment Assembly at Nairobi, Kenya

    The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)  hosted a summit for global leaders in environmental sustainability at its campus in Nairobi, Kenya from 11 - 15 March 2019. Fashion was one of the important areas of focus, since there is an urgent need to change its practices. I was a Sari was invited to this event as winners of the Indian Circular Design Challenge. Here’s what went down and why you should care. Why was I was a Sari at the UN Summit? UN [...]

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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be based in Mumbai leading the design processes of an early stage award-winning circular design brand, I was a Sari. A full-time position sponsored by Chime for Change - Gucci’s inclusion project - and promoted by the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano. We are looking for a passionate and talented fashion designer who can take our brand to the next level in terms of product aesthetics and circular design practices. We currently sell to international [...]

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Circular Fashion: The New Normal?

Sustainable fashion relies on technological innovations and cultural changes to charge ahead. I was a Sari’s founder, Stefano Funari joined industry heavyweights: Sara Sozzani Maino- Deputy Editor in chief, Vogue Italia and head of Vogue Talents and Bandana Tewari - Sustainability Activist & Columnist at Business of Fashion and formerly the editor at large, of Vogue India, to discuss the struggle and challenges faced by brands taking this path. A panel discussion at the Vogue Italia Scouting For India Event, Mumbai June 2019 While emerging [...]

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Empowering those who empower us – The Artisans at I was a Sari

What if we told you that the fashionable statements you pick from our eco-friendly fashion store are hand-crafted garments made by women from under-privileged quarters of India? Women in India that hail from marginalised communities are often dealt a bad deal. A problem that is seen in female infanticide, disparity in the women to men ratio all the way up to unequal employment rates; this situation is one that begs immediate attention. In the midst of these challenges posed, social entrepreneurship today acts as a [...]

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I was a Sari wins Ethical Fashion award – The Green Carpet 2019

We won The Responsible Disruptive award in Milan, Italy at this annual prestigious event that puts style into sustainable fashion. For most of our artisans this was the first time they were boarding a plane. As they headed from India to Italy, they knew I was a Sari had been nominated for the 3rd annual Green Carpet Sustainable Fashion Awards ceremony. What they didn’t know was that they had actually won an award and would go on stage in front of a host of fashion [...]

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We're doing a global call out to our community to help us all get through these uncertain times by sharing positivity. We'd like to hear – your strategy to stay cheerful and/or – a beautiful thing that happened to you, that you saw or have learnt about during this time. Your story will come alive on our social media along with a picture of you. It could be a picture from the story, or of you working with I was a Sari, or wearing our [...]

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How We Make Your Clothes

This Fashion Revolution Week, we make our supply chain more transparent, sharing behind the scenes. This is how we go from I am a Sari to I was a Sari! The Sari Sourcing                                     This is where it all begins- at the vibrant flea market, Chor Bazaar (translated as ‘Thieves’ Market’). Definitely a place to visit if you’re ever in Mumbai. Here there are sellers with bundles of [...]

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